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İş Güvenliği Uzmanlığı

Installing theme & Plugin

  1. Extract

  2. upload Content of support-theme directory to qa-themes/ directory in your Q2A site
  3. Log in as Administrator, then Go to Admin > General and select 'Support-Theme' as your default theme.

  4. Go to Admin > Theme Options. there you can customize your theme.

if you had any problems installing or using this theme feel free to ask for help on Our Forum.

if you are paid customer you can contact me directly at

to make your site look like Theme's demo visit "Admin > Users" and in "Default avatar" section upload an avatar and check it's option button. then in "Avatar size on question lists" field enter '20' and save the form.

Asbest Söküm Uzmanlığı

  1. Excerpt in question list: this options let you to add a short description of your the question in lists.
  2. Background Customization: This options let you choose 'background color' & 'background image'. you can choose up to 350 backgrounds!
  3. Typography: you can change the Font & Font Size of nearly everything in this theme.
  4. Layout: you can add a Ask Box to header and disable sidebars for certain pages.
  5. CSS Style Compressions: you can choose any of CSS compressions

Tehlikeli Madde Güvenlik Danışmanlığı

you can easily customize and extend your theme. here is a list of tricks you can use:

More Backgrounds

you have more backgrounds that you want to try on your theme? simply save them as .png files and upload the file in 'qa-plugins/support-plugin/patterns' and it will be added to backgrounds list.

Custom CSS styling

you can easily add more CSS styles to your theme or customize them. your theme might also come with a few custom CSS files for adding different colors, typography, etc ...

to add a new CSS file you can upload it in 'qa-theme/support-theme/styles' or you can edit one of pre-made styles.


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